Glass Painting – A Real Fairy-Tale

Urvashi and Pururavas

This painting on glass shows the split up of King Pururavas and the

great celestial maiden at Indra’s court Urvashi.

This painting is the reproduction of Raja Ravi Varma’s work

on glass done by me.

(Heard of another similar story line went bet’n Ravi Varma and his lady love

Shhh… No Gossips Please…)

I did the painting using two glass pieces cut out in same size. The glasses must be thin, usually 1 mm thickness.

Take the picture.  Decide which portions of it comes on foreground and which one in the background.

Draw the outline of the parts of the design on the two glasses respectively.

Design on one glass

Design on another

Paint the colors over the glasses. Careful with the foreground coloring. Whatever in the design alone can be colored.

Fort, sky and clouds are colored.

Urvashi, Pururavas and front balcony colored.

Let it dry. I used oil colors ’cause it shows the shaded and contours well. It took some time , mostly three  or four days to touch-dry. Use hair dryer to dry it on two days.

Place the glasses one over other. It clearly shows front and backdrop of the picture. Now go for frame.

Urvashi and Pururavas - Not a Fairy Tale

Sure… Not a Fairy Tale at all…

2 Replies to “Glass Painting – A Real Fairy-Tale”

  1. what did you use for the laying the outline. your outline looks soo thin, slim.
    I use a black outliner for glass painting. and its too thick.. can u please suggest..

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