How To Paint Glass Tanjore Painting

Yasoda Kannan II

Now starting with oil colors. You need two or three days for drying. If you are a first timer, apply the oil coloring one by one letting each color to dry. 

Step 3

Choose the skin color for Yasoda and I choose light pink for darker shades and whitish pink for light shades. However, she being a North Indian of wheatish white complex, as a divine one she is I add a pnikish tint to her skin. For this get a mix of little rose madder hue, lot of white, burnt umber a bit. For Kannan his original color of blue is to given. Get a mix of cobalt blue a little, white a lot, prussian blue a bit. Use brush to paint the edges of the design and within the design apply dabbing method. 

Have Glitter Sand (3D color) scattering here and there for the floor to shine up. Then go for oil color of your choice. 

 Give the outer border filled with a acrylic color that matches your background color of the painting and the frame you going to choose. If you want you can give the border color first before going for oil colors. 

Viewing Side (Front Side) of the Painting

One more coloring is in due – for the background…..Pack Up….Meet u Tomo’….

Dabbing :

Take a bit of sponge, dip in the mix, just dab over the design.  

8 Replies to “How To Paint Glass Tanjore Painting”

  1. Excellent painted and well explained.Please tell about the outliner ,, if spray was used . whether i can use acrylic colours ,oil , enamel and solvent based glass colours in the same RGP.Would like to do one ,,as with acrylic.. shading is not possible.For gold what have you used?

  2. hi,
    u can use the glass outliner only for stained glass paintings as we have to fill the space with glass colors….
    for this u can use rotring pen for drawing the outline or if u r well versed with brush strokes, use a thin bristles brush for this purpose.
    as for solvent based glass colors sometimes erase the outline, so prefer to use water based glass colors…and we can use spray also….but inhaling them is injurious to health, so i avoid them…
    u can get the shade with acrylic also…mix the colors in palette and apply it….
    for gold shading, pearl metallic gold color or mix gold acrylic color powder with binderand use it….its easier to use the pearl metallic than mixing. But the effect (bright) will be more for the mix only…..
    any doubts ask me….

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